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3nd Annual SAP NS2 Solutions Summit

Solution Summit attendees were able to see SAP NS2 solutions in action at our Innovation Bars – demonstrating solutions for key mission and business challenges – and leveraging world-class technology used by 86% of the Fortune 500. Learn more about our 100% U.S. team, our credentials and experience, and our secure services and support.

This year's Innovation Bar solutions focused on:

Smart Content Exploration

Analysts are inundated with information, much of it unstructured. Sources of information may include international newspapers and websites, personal contacts, satellite surveillance, broadcasts, and information gathered by clandestine officers. The challenge is gathering all of these different information sources and analyzing them to produce a clear intelligence assessment.

The SAP HANA Real-Time Data Platform, delivered by SAP NS2, allows an analyst to navigate easily through millions of news articles, blogs, and tweets in real-time. While searching for information, analysts are provided recommendations for possible linkages as well as visualizations such as tag clouds, maps and graphs. In addition, analysts have capabilities to show relationships between structured and unstructured content. SAP HANA's big data capability and in-memory performance allows:

  • Reduced time from collection to production-ready data for the analyst
  • Increased flexibility in analyzing disparate data with better visualizations
  • Improved analyst product quality by increasing "time to think" and reducing the "cost of curiosity"

Human Geography Analysis

The SAP HANA Real-Time Data Platform raises the bar on decision making, combining greater data storage with exponentially faster processing performance, "smart data integration", and automated tradecraft capabilities. It enables real-time examination and correlation of past and present human conditions and events. Very quickly, analysts can gain an understanding of the quantity and type of events that have occurred, as well as the most common terms that relate those events to each other.

With secure support and services from SAP NS2, SAP HANA helps organizations to:

  • Reduce costs by leveraging a single platform containing engines for geospatial analysis, graph rendering, quantitative-predictive, unstructured text analysis, and event stream processing
  • Enable real-time applications that utilize complex geospatial analysis through a mapping-service-agnostic platform
  • Increase analytical efficiency and effectiveness through the speed of HANA's real-time data processing and correlation of multiple data types
  • Real-time analysis of unstructured data through HANA's text analytics, identifying the most common terms and allowing analysts to drill down into events related to the selected term

Geospatial Situational Awareness

Disaster preparedness and disaster response are critical capabilities for national security and critical infrastructure organizations. With the SAP HANA Real-Time Data Platform, delivered by SAP NS2, organizations can generate real-time situational awareness information, allowing for better prediction and response in crisis situations. HANA allows organizations to determine areas likely to be impacted by a disaster; the extent of likely damage; and response scenarios for personnel and resources. Using key performance indicators (KPIs), organizations can analyze multiple information sources in real-time, modify disaster response plans, and respond to urgent needs more efficiently.

This solution leverages the performance and robustness of the SAP HANA platform, which contains a geospatial engine capable of analyzing more than 40 million records of spatially enabled data.

Multi-INT Knowledge Exploration and Discovery

This SAP NS2 solution, leveraging the SAP HANA Real-Time Data Platform, combines several “smart,” process-driven methods for acquiring and analyzing disparate data from multiple sources, enabling analysts to derive actionable insights faster and support real-time decision making. With this solution, your team can:

  • Discover: Search, analyze and integrate data from multiple sources and types into an integrated information artifact.
  • Correlate: Associate data sets or streams of data as they are ingested across multiple sources.
  • Visualize: Create a collective awareness across organizations/cases through transparent sharing of data, information and analytical processes.
  • Collaborate: Create a work environment that enables analysts to interact with and make sense of massive amounts of data and to test theories based on new scenarios or data.
  • Produce and distribute: Create a final analysis product that is indexed, traceable to the source data, and managed in a secure content repository.
  • Manage and Improve Process: Establish mission-productivity metrics that can be transparently monitored, quantified and reported against.