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Replication Server

Sybase Replication Server is software that moves and synchronizes data across the enterprise to meet a host of competing needs, including guaranteed data delivery, real-time business intelligence, and zero operational downtime.

Replication Server Product Overview

Replication Server handles your data with no bias as to the type of database involved — whether it is Sybase, Oracle, Microsoft or IBM—while keeping performance and stability at high levels.

With Replication Server, your organization can leverage existing applications across multiple locations and geographies. You can make decisions based on today’s information and feel secure in the stability and reliability of your distributed enterprise environment.

  • Offers guaranteed disaster recovery: Achieve zero interruption of critical business applications and guaranteed delivery and recovery of your data.
  • Enables real-time reporting with zero impact to the production system: Avoid performance impacts on your operational database and get real-time change data capture.
  • Delivers efficient data synchronization and distribution: Supports efficient and sophisticated bi-directional replication across heterogeneous database environments and multiple geographical locations, ensuring your operational data is available where and when you need it.
  • Provides an uninterrupted migration path: Enables movement from an older OS or database platform version to a new one with no interruption to operations.
  • Supports heterogeneous databases: Supports real-time replication across a wide range of database platforms, including Sybase ASE, Oracle, IBM DB2, and Microsoft Server.