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Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing makes IT solutions available as a service over the Internet, a private network, or a hybrid of the two. With cloud computing, you can reduce your overhead by purchasing access to IT solutions hosted by a third party.

Cloud computing centralizes common IT systems or applications, giving many different users access to them via the Internet or a private network. Users do not need to understand or control the technology infrastructure “in the cloud” that is supporting their IT system or application.

Public clouds are managed by third-party vendors, with customers purchasing or renting access to the systems or applications. Private clouds are provided by central IT teams in large enterprises and can be accessed by different units across an organization.

By using a cloud computing model, you can:

  • Reduce your IT overhead by having some or all of your IT infrastructure managed by a cloud computing service provider.
  • More quickly scale your IT system or application by incrementally purchasing more computing resources from the service provider.
  • Benefit from the 24x7 availability often provided by cloud computing vendors.

SAP and Sybase are working with industry leaders in infrastructure, storage and virtualization to optimize its technologies for cloud computing environments—both internal and external. Cloud service offerings from providers certified by SAP NS2 encompass on-demand infrastructure – hardware, storage, network – and on-demand software and services. These services dynamically adapt on request to your requirements, including capabilities to serve and manage entire processes.

Applications and servers are located in highly secure data centers that feature an array of physical and network safeguards. You pay as you go, while your service provider keeps the environment stable and safe.

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