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Business Applications

Streamlined and efficient business applications from SAP help you reduce your operational costs, access timely and complete information, and adapt to changing needs.

  • Intelligence and Information Sharing

    Need to derive meaning from multiple information sources across agencies? Find out how our intelligence analysis software can help scrutinize extensive data sets to identify potential threats. Learn more

  • Operations

    Excel at mission-critical activities with our operations management software for national security requirements. Learn more

  • Supply Chain and Logistics

    Keep your focus on mission fulfillment with a logistics management system that supports critical missions. Learn more

  • Resource Management and Planning

    Monitor and allocate resources to ensure your forces are trained, equipped, and ready for a full spectrum of operations. Learn more

  • Financial Management

    Ensure superior financial management for your defense and security organization. Learn more

  • Procurement

    Use advanced software to efficiently deliver the equipment and services you need – in compliance with all procurement requirements. Learn more

  • Human Resources and Administration

    Need a complete view of your organization – even when your information is scattered across many sources? With our business intelligence software, you gain a "single version of the truth" so you can make your decisions with confidence. Learn more