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Sybase IQ

Sybase IQ is a highly optimized analytics server designed to deliver superior performance for mission-critical business intelligence, analytics, and data warehousing solutions on any standard hardware and operating system.

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Sybase IQ is an analytics server designed specifically for advanced analytics, data warehousing, and business intelligence environments. Able to work with massive volumes of structured and unstructured data, it is ideally suited to Big Data. Distinguished from conventional databases by its column-oriented, grid-based architecture, patented data compression, and advanced query optimizer, Sybase IQ is deployed in many settings, delivering unmatched performance, flexibility, and economy in even the most challenging reporting and analytics environments. Sybase IQ has four times more customers than all other column databases combined and wins more new customers in a year than other column databases have in total.

Delivers faster results for report acceleration, data mining, and predictive analytics

  • #1 column database: 10x to 100x faster than conventional transactional databases
  • Supports heavy ad hoc query usage and large numbers of concurrent users
  • Centralizes “Big Data” analysis of massive volumes of structured and unstructured data using a wide range of advanced techniques and technologies

Offers best price-performance in the industry

  • Data compression algorithms reduce data storage volumes by greater than 70%
  • Superior manageability reduces administration by 75%
  • Rapid deployment on commodity platforms for quick ROI

Provides open, flexible column oriented architecture

  • Supports virtually all hardware and OS configurations
  • Independently add computing power or storage capacity for grid scalability—at a reasonable cost

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