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Business Intelligence & Analytics

Giving you the power and speed you need to make actionable business intelligence a reality—in real time.

Like many companies in the private sector, many government organizations require a business-intelligence solution that can:

  • Extract real-time data from multiple sources on the fly;
  • Transform operational data into actionable business intelligence;
  • Make the results accessible to the right people at the right time; and
  • Handle huge volumes of data with many users making simultaneous, complex, ad hoc queries.

Using traditional database technology, managers and frontline employees who need actionable information can experience slowdowns that impede decision-making and create unacceptable risks.

Sybase and SAP solutions, delivered by SAP National Security Services®­­ (SAP NS2®), provide innovative enterprise analytics and data warehousing tools that give customers the power and speed they need to make effective business intelligence a reality.

  • Sybase IQ

    A highly optimized analytics server designed to deliver superior performance for mission-critical business intelligence, analytics and data warehousing solutions on any standard hardware and operating system.

  • SAP BusinessObjects BI

    SAP BusinessObjects BI Suite and Sybase IQ analytics engine have integrated to provide a complete business intelligence solution.

  • Real-Time Streaming

    Analyze data arriving from multiple sources at very high rates in real-time.


    Query multiple types of data sources in real time, at speeds and volumes like never before.

  • Enterprise Information Management—EIM

    Empower your people to make better decisions, drive operational excellence, ensure regulatory compliance, and minimize IT costs based on trusted information.