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White Papers

  • SAP HANA: A High-Performance Computing Platform for Cyber and Intelligence Missions

    SAP HANA is a revolutionary “in-memory” database and computation engine that enables major performance improvements in complex computing operations such as those typically found in U.S. defense, intelligence and cyber security missions. Read the executive white paper

  • SAP HANA Platform Achieves Significant Cost Savings for Enterprises

    According to a study produced by Forrester Research, the SAP HANA Real-Time Data Platform can save an organization approximately 37% across hardware, software and labor costs. Read the one-page summary

  • Geospatial Situational Awareness, Powered by SAP HANA

    SAP HANA is a scalable, real-time data platform, spanning from the control room to deployed forces, empowering users to quickly process and gain situational awareness, optimize response strategies, and manage communications across operational units. Read the complete white paper Read the solution brief


    A High Performance In-Memory Computing Platform to Empower the Cyber Mission

    Cyber defenders need a flexible, agile data platform that can analyze massive amounts of historical and streaming data using predictive analysis, geospatial analysis, unstructured text analysis and graph-engine link analysis. Learn how the SAP HANA platform delivers multiple capabilities to cyber defenders in one easy-to-deploy server. Read the white paper.

  • The Power of In-Memory Computing for Intelligence Missions

    Intelligence missions often require near-instant analysis of large data sets from a huge variety of sources. Learn how SAP and its partners are collaborating to deliver more powerful data analytics and radical performance increases for U.S. national security missions. Read the executive white paper. Read the white paper

  • Breaking News! Big Data is Solved.

    What Is In-Memory Computing and What Does It Mean to U.S. Leaders?

    There is a sea change occurring in the way enterprises manage their data, and the potential benefits include radically better performance at less cost in U.S. national security missions. Read the executive white paper. Read the full version.

  • Using Hadoop in National Security Missions

    The Hadoop distributed file system offers new capabilities but has its limits. Learn how SAP solutions can leverage Hadoop’s strengths to achieve optimal outcomes in national security missions. Read the white paper.

  • Big Data to Actionable Insights

    National security requires a secure, "hybrid" approach to IT, mixing open-source and commercial technologies, on premise and off. A hybrid solution can reduce operating costs while enhancing real-time analytics — all of which helps mission teams be more effective on the ground.  Read the white paper.

  • Using Data from SAP Software

    Public sector managers are using the Big Data capabilities of SAP and Sybase software to make critical decisions faster. Read the Solution Brief.

  • Financials—Continuous Performance Improvement

    Learn how to achieve continuous performance improvement in financial management. See the demo.

  • Better Solutions Help Fight Crime

    The Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) is using SAP solutions to track criminal activity, identify trends, and allocate resources effectively. Read the customer story

  • Cybersecurity Needs

    Take a look at how SAP software addresses cybersecurity concerns. Learn More

  • SAP Intelligence Analysis for Public Sector

    Read the solution brief on SAP Intelligence Analysis for Public Sector.

  • Project and Portfolio Management

    See the piece on the Forrester Wave: Project Portfolio Management, Q4 2009.

  • Securing Data using Sybase IQ

    Sybase IQ, a high performance analytics engine, can execute fast queries against large volumes of data and keep the data secure with an array of defenses. Read the white paper.

  • Gartner Puts Sybase in "Visionary Leader" Category for Mobile Device Management

    Read Gartner's review of 23 companies offering enterprise mobile device management software across a variety of platforms. Read the Gartner research paper.

  • SAP and Sybase Come Together

    IDC says the combination of SAP and Sybase are "a marriage made in database heaven." Learn More


  • SAP for Defense and Security

    This short video provides a summary of SAP's value proposition and solutions for the Defense & Security Industry — covering applications, analytics, mobile, cloud, database & technology categories.    Watch the video.

  • Thriving in a Federal Sequester

    Listen to this webcast to learn how you can quickly develop planning scenarios based on various funding levels and understand overall performance using accurate real-time reporting. Watch the Video

  • Celebrating 40 Years of SAP Innovation

    Rewind to the 1970s, when five mavericks broke away from IBM to chart the future of business software. Today SAP is leading the next wave of IT innovation. This short film tells the SAP story. Watch the video.

  • Run Smarter with Enterprise Modeling

    Discover how to better manage your enterprise architecture and capitalize on the best strategies for development. This webcast also offers specific examples of how SAP Sybase PowerDesigner can help your organization. Watch the webcast.

  • Financials—Continuous Performance Improvement

    Learn how to achieve continuous performance improvement in financial management. See the demo.