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Leading Figures in U.S. National Security and Technology Join New SAP NS2 Advisory Board

Washington, DC — SAP National Security Services (SAP NS2™) today announced the formation of a leadership Advisory Board composed of some of America's most sought-after experts in national security and technology. Members of the Advisory Board will play a key role in helping the software company and its customers grapple with today's most pressing national security threats by leveraging the capabilities of SAP NS2's solution offerings.

"We are honored to have the support and assistance of these great American leaders," said SAP NS2 President and Chief Executive Mark Testoni. "Their confidence in NS2 solutions for U.S. national security should reinforce our customers' confidence as well."

The members of the new SAP NS2 Leadership Advisory Board are:

Michael J. Morell, Chairman
Former Deputy Director of CIA

Jack Devine
President, The Arkin Group, 32-year veteran of CIA

Michael W. Hewitt
Founder and Senior Partner, HSH Analytics; Rear Admiral, US Navy (retired);

Joe Maguire
President and CEO, Special Operations Warrior Foundation

Jill Tummler Singer
CEO, Tummler Singer Associates; former CIO of NRO

Alan Wade
Former CIO of CIA, USIC

Austin Yerks
President of AJY III Government Strategies; former President, CSC Defense and Intelligence Group

"I think the technology solutions at SAP NS2 offer great potential in helping to tackle the toughest problems in US national security," said Michael J. Morell, the chairman of the new advisory board. "Helping to solve the big data challenges facing the analytical community, which I've experienced first-hand, is just one of the use cases where the SAP HANA Real-Time Data Platform could be applied. I am excited to help shape ‘the art of the possible' in leveraging NS2's solutions to support the national security mission."

Alan Wade added: "The technology innovations embodied in SAP HANA open the door to new approaches in many information-intensive areas. I'm glad to be a part of the team applying these innovations to help the national security community deal with growing volumes of data and complex analytic challenges."

"Those of us who have worked in the complex ecosystem of large, unstructured data sets and stove-piped organizations, and who are challenged to bring together strategic and collaborative environments, realize the imperative to develop tools such as SAP HANA," said RDML Michael Hewitt, US Navy (retired). "HANA will help ‘operationalize' Activity Based Intelligence (ABI) – the nexus of open source data with traditional disciplines – and support cross-functional collaboration requirements across our entire national security apparatus. I am excited to be a part of the SAP NS2 Advisory Board and this unbeatable team of thought leaders."

Oct. 30 Event Combines Top-Tier Speakers with Technology Insights

On Oct. 30 in Falls Church, VA, hundreds of attendees from government, business, research, media, and nonprofits will attend the SAP NS2 Solutions Summit 2014, gaining insights from a stellar roster of speakers, including members of the new SAP NS2 Advisory Board.

Dr. Robert Gates, U.S. Secretary of Defense (2006-2011), will deliver the luncheon keynote. Frances Townsend, former assistant to President George W. Bush for homeland security and counterterrorism, CNN On-Air Contributor, and Chair of the SAP NS2 Board, will kick off the morning discussion. Attendees also will have exclusive opportunities to see NS2 solutions in action, to hear customer perspectives, and to give back to U.S. veterans through NS2 Serves.

For complete details and online registration, please visit

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