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Experts Say Changes in National Security and Intelligence Require Changes in Technology, Too

Washington, DC — Dramatic changes in US national security and intelligence require equally dramatic changes in technology and business models, according to government and industry experts speaking today at the SAP NS2 Solutions Summit, an industry-government conference.

The event is a day of learning and networking around the new challenges facing US national security and the need for leaner, smarter IT solutions to address those challenges.

General Mike Hayden, former director of the Central Intelligence Agency and National Security Agency, and Frances Townsend, former assistant to President George W. Bush for homeland security and counterterrorism, are the keynote speakers. Other speakers include current and former officials of the US Army, Navy, and various military programs, addressing topics such as:

  • How to increase efficiencies and drive down costs;
  • How to integrate commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) with free-and-open-source (FOSS) technologies for maximum performance; and
  • How to turn "Big Data" into real-time, actionable mission information

"The answers to many of the security issues in today's troubled world may lie in how we master 'big data,’" said General Hayden. "Put another way, can we turn the challenge of big data into real opportunity?"

Whatever the outcome of the 2012 elections and the ‘fiscal cliff’ debate in Washington, military budgets are almost certain to be cut in coming years, and IT will be viewed as an area for major efficiencies and cost savings, says SAP NS2 President Mark Testoni, a 30-year veteran of public sector management.

At the same time, the United States faces a growing array of threats from non-state actors who are harder to identify, locate, pursue and counter using traditional means, putting new burdens on IT to draw actionable information from billions of data points.

"We are entering an era that will demand both higher performance and more rapid, cost-conscious changes in the military’s IT infrastructure," Testoni says. "Our customers need lighter, faster software deployments that can integrate smoothly with an array of IT systems and turbo-charge their performance – at lower total cost."

"That is the kind of change and competition that SAP NS2 is bringing to this market, along with the strength of a $15 billion leading global company behind us and a deep understanding of the needs of our US national security customers."

In fact, some of world’s largest and most complex databases and analytics programs — in the US national security and financial sectors — run on SAP Sybase solutions, he said.

For more information, including speakers’ names, titles and topics, please visit Photos, video and highlights will be posted online soon.

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