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Consulting Services

Consulting Services

What Does Your Organization Need?

  • Trusted Partner?
  • Solution Expertise?
  • Process Expertise?
  • Consulting by U.S. Citizens?

SAP National Security Services®­­ (SAP NS2®) provides all of the above, helping you realize the full value of your IT investment. Whether you’re implementing SAP and Sybase solutions on premise, on mobile devices, or on demand in the cloud, SAP NS2 offers a wide range of services designed to fit your needs.

Please contact an SAP NS2 representative to learn more about SAP NS2 Consulting Services.

Explore how SAP NS2 Consulting Services can help your business implement these solutions:

  • Business Intelligence and Analytics

    Gain the power and speed you need to make actionable intelligence a reality — in real time and in top-security environments.
  • Custom Application Development

    Take advantage of custom application development services that provide flexibility and stability while meeting your organization’s unique needs.
  • Enterprise Mobility

    Let seasoned experts help you define a mobile application strategy, enable the application infrastructure, develop your own mobile applications, and ensure end-to-end support.
  • In-Memory Computing

    Achieve quantum leaps in data analysis and reporting with the SAP HANA platform and other cutting-edge database management technologies.
  • Business Processes based on Best Practices

    Tap our consultants to help guide and enable your IT evolution, leveraging best practices from other top-security environments.
Consulting Services