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Haystack Blog

Haystack Blog

Posted by Mark Testoni, May 23, 2014

Memorial Day: Remembering Our Heroes

Last week, I drove to downtown Washington DC for an event. Along Virginia route 110, I glanced off to the south as I passed our nation's most honored place, Arlington National Cemetery. I am always struck by the magnitude of the setting as well as its simplicity. Row after row of white headstones nestled against the tree covered, rolling hills of the piedmont. It never fails to stir feelings within me of both the importance and the cost of freedom. Yet, this great hallmark is the final resting place for only a small percentage of those we've lost to both create and defend our great country.

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Posted by Mark Testoni, May 11, 2014

Best Wishes on Mother's Day

Holidays celebrating maternal bonds date to antiquity in parts of the world. Our mothers have often made the most sacrifices and carried the largest load in our society to help us to develop into productive adults—from birth to nurturing, rearing, correcting and listening. Often they support not only their own children, but many others around them. Mothers are the anchors in our society.

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Posted by Mark Testoni, May 7, 2014

Enabling Veterans—Requires More than Parades and Words

In the early 1970s, the nation turned its back on returning veterans who served in a far off place and did their duty. After some national reflection, we recognized the travesty and now almost universally embrace our returning soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen. We separate policy disagreements from the people who serve to execute them.

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Posted by Mark Testoni, April 28, 2014

Welcome to Haystack

Welcome to the new SAP National Security Services (NS2) blog, "Haystack." Why would you name a blog Haystack? Watch our video to learn what it is about and how we are going to address the key issues of data and information as it relates to national security.

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The Haystack Blog is where SAP NS2 President and Chief Executive Mark Testoni shares his perspectives on how to advance the national security mission through I.T. innovation. The name comes from his observation that in the 21st century, "We seem to be collecting more and more haystacks in which intelligence needles must be found."

SAP NS2 President and Chief Executive Mark Testoni
Mark Testoni
President and Chief Executive of SAP NS2