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Posted by Mark Testoni, November 11, 2014

On Veterans Day

Ninety-six years ago today, "the war to end all wars" - now known as World War I – ended after four years of unprecedented carnage, largely in Europe and the Middle East. The United States had entered the fray in late 1917 and helped turned the tide. A few years later, both the U.S. and Europe identified November 11 as a day to reflect on the sacrifices of our military. We call it "Veterans Day" in the U.S., and most other places refer to it as "Remembrance Day."

Since that time, we have endured another large conflict, endless regional fights, and a 40-year-plus "Cold War." Moreover, we now face a host of asymmetrical threats that hardly look like the grand battle environments of the past 150 years. Still, Veterans Day has become more broadly symbolic and an important representation of the sacrifices our military has made to protect and defend our country during our history and conflicts. And those sacrifices have been enormous.

Today, we invite you to join us in taking the time to reflect, pray for, and thank our military members and veterans for their commitment to sustaining our freedom and American way of life.

We are lucky to have quite a number of veterans inside NS2. I salute each of you and thank for all you’ve given to sustain the greatest nation in the world.

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The Haystack Blog is where SAP NS2 President and Chief Executive Mark Testoni shares his perspectives on how to advance the national security mission through I.T. innovation. The name comes from his observation that in the 21st century, "We seem to be collecting more and more haystacks in which intelligence needles must be found."

SAP NS2 President and Chief Executive Mark Testoni
Mark Testoni
President and Chief Executive of SAP NS2