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Advisory Board

Michael Vickers, Chairman

Michael J. Morell, Chairman

Dr. Michael Vickers is widely recognized as one of our nation’s top national security professionals. He was a key operational strategist for the two great wars of our time: the operation in the 1980s to drive the Soviets out of Afghanistan that helped bring an end to the Cold War – the largest and most successful covert action program in the history of the CIA – and the ongoing war with al-Qa’ida. He played a major policy and planning role in the operation that killed Usama bin Ladin.

From 2011 to 2015, Vickers served as the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, the Chief Executive Officer of the Defense Intelligence Enterprise, an $80 billion, 180,000-person, global operation that includes the National Security Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, National Reconnaissance Office, Defense Security Service, and the intelligence components of the Military Services and Combatant Commands.

From 2007 to 2011, he served as the first and only Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations, Low-Intensity Conflict and Interdependent Capabilities. Vickers served as the “Service” Secretary for all Special Operations Forces – a 70,000-person, $10 billion enterprise with personnel deployed in 90 countries – and had policy oversight of all of DoD’s core operational capabilities – strategic forces (nuclear forces, missile defense, space, cyber), conventional forces (air, ground and maritime), and Special Operations Forces.

Earlier in his career, he served in the Special Forces and in the CIA’s Clandestine Service, and had operational and combat experience in Central America and the Caribbean, the Middle East, and South and Central Asia.

Dr. Vickers has received the nation’s highest awards in the fields of intelligence and defense, including the Presidential National Security Medal.

Michael J. Morell, Founding Chairman

Michael J. Morell, Chairman

Michael Morell, the recently retired Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, is one of the country's most prominent national security professionals, with extensive experience in intelligence and foreign policy. During his 33-year career at CIA, Michael served as deputy director for over three years, a position from which he managed the Agency's day-to-day operations, represented the Agency at the White House and Congress, and maintained the Agency's relationships with intelligence services and foreign leaders around the world. Michael also served twice as Acting Director, leading CIA when Leon Panetta was named Secretary of Defense and again after David Petraeus left government. Michael's senior assignments at CIA included serving for two years as the Director of Intelligence, the Agency's chief analyst, and for two years as Executive Director, the CIA's top administrator—managing human resources, the budget, security, and information technology for an agency the size of a Fortune 200 firm.

Jack Devine

President, The Arkin Group, LLC

Jack Devine

Jack Devine is a founding partner and President of The Arkin Group LLC, which specializes in international crisis management, strategic intelligence, investigative research and business problem solving. He is a 32-year veteran of the Central Intelligence Agency ("CIA"). Mr. Devine served as both Acting Director and Associate Director of CIA's operations outside the United States from 1993-1995, where he had supervisory authority over thousands of CIA employees involved in sensitive missions throughout the world. In addition, he served as Chief of the Latin American Division from 1992-1993 and was the principal manager of the CIA's sensitive projects in Latin America.

Between 1990 and 1992, Mr. Devine headed the CIA's Counternarcotics Center, which was responsible for coordinating and building close cooperation between all major U.S. and foreign law enforcement agencies in tracking worldwide narcotics and crime organizations. From 1985-1987, Mr. Devine headed the CIA's Afghan Task Force, which successfully countered Soviet aggression in the region. In 1987, he was awarded the CIA's Meritorious Officer Award for this accomplishment.

Mr. Devine's international experience with the U.S. government included postings to Latin America and Europe. During his more than 30 years with the CIA, Mr. Devine was involved in organizing, planning and executing countless sensitive projects in virtually all areas of intelligence, including analysis, operations, technology and management.

He is the recipient of the Agency's Distinguished Intelligence Medal and several meritorious awards. He is a recognized expert in Intelligence matters and has written articles for The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Miami Herald, The World Policy Journal and Politico. He has also made guest appearances on National Press Club, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, Fox News, CSPAN as well as the History & Discovery channels, PBS, NPR and ABC Radio.

Mr. Devine resides in New York City and is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. He has a Top Secret U.S. Government security clearance and is a Board Member of the CIA Memorial Foundation. Mr. Devine's book, "Good Hunting! A Spymaster's Story," will be published later this year. It focuses on his Agency career and the role of covert action in the past and the future. Mr. Devine speaks Spanish and Italian.

Michael W. Hewitt

Founder and Senior Partner of HSH Analytics

Michael W. Hewitt

Rear Admiral Michael Hewitt retired from active duty on 1 January 2014, after 31 years of service in the United States Navy.

A career naval aviator, RDML Hewitt distinguished himself across a diverse spectrum of defense-related competencies. He was not only an outstanding leader at the flag rank in naval aviation, he also had unqualified successes in major acquisition programs, legislative affairs, joint warfare, and most notably as lead for Information Operations, Cyberspace Operations, Non-Kinetic and Net warfare for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). He was recognized as one of the department's leading experts in strategy for asymmetric warfare, non-kinetic warfare, and sensitive collaborations within the DoD, Interagency, and National Security Staff. Unique among naval Officers, Hewitt served six years in the Operations directorate of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, leading information ops, cyber warfare, and operational oversight of all DoD Special Access Programs. During this period, Hewitt was also assigned to the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff as his chief innovator and entrepreneur, standing up the department's first Special Programs Cross Functional Team. He was widely recognized by the Interagency and National Security Staff for his keen ability to create collaborative environments, spark innovation, and develop campaigns focused on difficult national security challenges.

As the founder and senior partner of HSH Analytics, Hewitt now provides his unique skill set to support new solutions in the national security environment. HSH Analytics is composed of unique leaders and technical experts who are dedicated to the pursuit of innovative problem solving and disruptive technologies. HSH provides unmatched expertise in special access program operational employment, future warfighting scenario development, and emerging technologies aligned to asymmetric warfare. HSH focuses on the nexus of intelligence and military operations across the DoD, IC and Interagency. Hewitt is an advisor for several corporate entities involved in cyber warfare, countering weapons of mass destruction, commercial capabilities for USG requirements, and advanced warfare concepts. Complementing his technical and advisory support to the private sector, RDML Hewitt is dedicating much of his time to support academic endeavors, think tanks and interagency task forces tackling our nation's most difficult national security challenges.

Joe Maguire

President and CEO, Special Operations Warrior Foundation

Joe Maguire

Joe Maguire became the President and CEO of The Special Operations Warrior Foundation in September 2103; having served on the Foundation's Board of Directors for the previous three years. He was a career Naval Special Warfare Officer (SEAL) and retired from the Unites States Navy in 2010, having served 36 years in uniform. He commanded at every level, including the Naval Special Warfare Command. His last assignment in government was Deputy Director for Strategic Operational Planning in the National Counterterrorism Center in Washington, DC. While in this position, he was a member of the National Security Council's Counterterrorism Security Group. His awards include The National Intelligence Distinguished Service Medal. Prior to leading the Foundation, he was a Vice President with Booz Allen Hamilton.

A native of New York City, he was awarded a Bachelor of Science degree from Manhattan College and received a Master's degree in Scientific and Technical Intelligence from the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California. He was a National Security Fellow at Harvard University. Joe serves on the Advisory Board of Operation Helping Hands, whose mission is to help the families of wounded and injured warriors during their hospital stays in Tampa Bay. Additionally, he is a military advisor to the Board of Directors of Athlete's Performance Institute, which honored him by establishing a scholarship in his name for wounded Special Operations Forces at The Eagle Fund of the Andrew's Institute Foundation. The Eagle Fund's mission is to provide wounded warriors with the highest quality care possible. Joe and his wife Kathy are proud to support Southeastern Guide Dogs. They reside in Tampa, Florida.

Alan Wade

Former CIO of the Central Intelligence Agency

Alan Wade

Alan Wade retired from federal service at the end of 2005 after a 35-year career in the Central Intelligence Agency. He retired as the Chief Information Officer, a position he held since 2001.

Wade held a series of senior positions at CIA, including the Director of Communications, Director of Security, and Chief Information Officer. In his assignment as Chief Information officer, he was dual-hatted as the Chief Information Officer for the United States Intelligence Community.

During his career, Alan's contributions were recognized several times. He is a recipient of the National Intelligence Distinguished Service Medal, the Director's Medal, and the Distinguished Intelligence Medal. Since retirement, Alan has worked with several early-stage companies. He served on the boards of Safeboot N.V. (acquired by McAfee in 2007); Detica DFI (acquired by BAE Systems in 2008); Composite Software (acquired by Cisco in 2013); and Applied Communications Sciences (acquired by The SI Organization in 2013). He currently serves on the boards of the Aerospace Corporation in El Segundo, California; Chiliad Inc. in Washington, DC; and Assyst Inc. in Herndon, Virginia. Additionally, he serves on the public sector advisory boards of several technology companies; on the advisory board of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Virginia Tech; and on the Board of the Organization of Retired CIA officers.

Alan graduated from Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia in 1973, receiving a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering. In 1978, he received his Master's degree in Electrical Engineering from the George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

Austin Yerks

President and Founder of AJY III

Austin Yerks

Austin Yerks is President and founder of AJY III, a business focused on supporting strategic alliances between commercial firms and agencies of the federal government. Yerks's last position prior to retirement was President of CSC's North American Public Sector (NPS) Defense and Intelligence Group. This Group supported all of the company's defense and intelligence community clients: the U.S. Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, National Intelligence Agencies, and all other defense agencies. The defense and intelligence group consisted of more than 13,000 people and sales in excess of $3 billion annually. Prior to this assignment, Yerks was the President of CSC's Federal Business Development organization, responsible for all business development and strategic marketing oversight for the operational business units of CSC Federal Sector.

Yerks has been a senior executive in the federal marketplace for more than 30 years. He is known for his technology vision and solving the most difficult client challenges. He is a member of the board of directors for AFCEA, NDIA, and GEIA, which are three of the largest associations that support the federal market. He is active in community affairs and supports fund-raising for local schools and the Fairfax Hospital. Yerks holds a Master's degree in Business Administration from the University of Miami and a Bachelor of Science degree from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. He served ten years in the U.S. Army.